A brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.  Here are some comments people made about us;

“Jason and his team have helped me navigate the world of insurance for over 10 years. Their response time has always been impressive and their costs always reasonable. On the couple of occasions we had to make a claim, they made that process a breeze..”

Michael Adamo

COO, Unlisted

“A recent customer of Jason’s but right from the start he had the supreme patience on guiding me through the complex world of business insurance and made a real effort to get the right product for me. When we actually needed to make a claim he made the process much easier than expected, he took ownership, interfaced with the insurance company and guided me through the process. Fantastic end-to-end customer service.”

Mark Juffkins

Managing Director, Riverbank IT Management Part of the Air IT Group

“I have known Jason for many years and he provides excellent insurance advice as broker for the business. Very knowledgeable and very competitive, goes the extra mile.

Terry Chapman


“Seriously this man is an expert at his job. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Before Jason Cobine – I hated the word ‘insurance’. He has revolutionized my thinking completely and I trust him implicitly. Thank you for being so brilliant at your job Jason”
Johanna Lueders

Principal Plans

“Jason was invaluable, insightful and extremely pro-active when we needed to ensure we are insured globally to supply fully insured consultants to all our clients across the world. We needed to cover everything from professional indemnity to cyber security to privacy protection across multiple regulatory frameworks and many geographies. Jason not only gave us a quote that was much much less than anyone, he made sure that all of our concerns and questions were answered and dealt with, he did this without asking, or us even realising some questions needed to be addressed. We are now insured beyond the hilt and can press forwards with our plans to increase our global footprint significantly. Thanks Jason, you’re a star, I just can’t recommend you highly enough.”
Ross McMahon

BMC & ITSM Specialist and Owner, Aim Hire Global

“Cobine Carmelson’s knowledge is second to none. They get to the heart of the matter fast and are completely commercially focused, understanding the complicated environment we trade in. They are not just an insurance broker, ultimately they are an additional member to the team and a flawless one at that.”
Gareth Tillbrook

Managing Director

“Having spent some time with Jason he is clearly more interested in helping organisations holistically than just selling insurance. His approach to the issues affecting businesses was refreshing.”
Nigel Grainger

Fleet Risk Consultants

“I just wanted to say “thank you” and put in writing my appreciation for your services to date. Having reviewed the paperwork in relation to my insurance you have been helpful, informative, knowledgable and supportive. You have provided excellent client care and been pro-active in all your dealings with me and the firm. I have found you to be impartial and objective, indeed recommending the status quo where it was sufficient rather than changing for change’s sake. Your services are and continue to be much appreciated.”
Shainul Kassam

Founder, <a href="http://www.fortunelaw.com/" target="_blank">Fortune Law</a>

“Jason worked very hard and showed great persistence to procure great value professional indemnity insurance for our start up law firm in a difficult environment. I would highly recommend his services.”
Stanley Beckett

Partner, Serenity Law LLP

“In one hour Jason gave a very useful overview of the field of cyber risk with examples and pointed out the ways and means to act to reduce risks related to GDPR”
Stefan Lubomirski de Vaux

Re: The Insurance Backed Solution to GDPR seminar

“Jason is a true professional and I would recommend connecting with him.”
Rima Patel

JP Estate Planners

“Jason has recently organised my business insurance and I have only praise for him and the way he runs his business. His attention to detail is impeccable, and he is extremely knowledgeable in his field. After I became a client, a quick call to Jason late on a Friday afternoon and by Monday afternoon I had all the documents I needed. Thank you for a very pleasant and straight forward experience!”
Tom Simnett

Initforthe Web Production

“Jason is an absolute delight. One of those characters hidden inside Ecademy who will make your experience there so much more worthwhile. He reminds us all what true networking is all about. He is very switched on and extremely well connected. What I like most about Jason is his ‘perceptive’ qualities. Understanding what interests people the most, going to the very heart of their needs and who they may have the most in common with with. If he is not in your network then I suggest you change that now.”
Mark Wing

Marques of Excellence, MarqueWing.co.uk

“Jason came to me just before my business insurance renewal was due. He went through all the papers and explained to me what I needed to think about, and checked if my premises filled the requirements of the the T&C’s of my insurance.
So in the end I got a personal tutorial on how to make sure I am covered by the insurance, I got a review of my insurance and I saved money because I could cancel one policy. I am sorry Jason didn’t get my business after all his work, but I would encourage all of you to book in a session with Jason. He really knows what he is doing and will make sure your business is covered the best possible way. Not just trying to make himself money… Jason is the insurance broker you can trust!”
Marte Rekka

MLR Photo

“Launching a start-up business as a foreigner in London requires a even deeper trust ship to my power team including Jason as my reliable insurance broker. Jason’s expertise in the insurance jungle and his patience to help and support my business in order to have the right policy, makes my life much easier and to sleep better.After using his hassle free service for a while I have entrusted all my previous policies in Jason’s care. He is not only a good Insurance broker but also a reliable guy you can trust and rely on!”
Bernd Radaschitz

Interior ID

“I have been a long-standing customer of Cobine Carmelson with multiple properties insured and have always been delighted with the support and advice I have received. It is easy to forget that the point of insurance is that you may need to make a claim. When I did make my first major claim this year, Jason and his team were – as expected – efficient, supportive and professional. They advised from the very beginning what the insurance would cover following a major roof leak into one of my properties. And then they handled the liaison with the insurer so that I had a clear flow of information. And I knew I had someone on my side dealing with a company (the insurer) that had a vested interest to minimise what they paid out! The work is now done, the payout made, and it could not have been a better experience.”

Andy Szebeni

Property Developer

“I do want to thank Lisa at Cobine Carmelson for really supporting us with our claim. Always in touch, always friendly and supportive, and absolutely dogged in her pursuance of a resolution in our favour.”

Andrew Harries

Artistic Director, Young Actors Theatre Islington

“Jason has done a great job re-broking our business insurance cover and has been a font of valuable information, not just on insurance. He is someone I trust and like; he works hard to find the right solutions and he is on our side.”
Ewan Pearson

MD, Grant Pearson Brown Consulting Ltd

“Jason really was amazing, he managed to find insurance cover for me as a consultant valuation surveyor when no one else could. He kept me informed of progress continually. I would thoroughly recommend him.”
Robin Smith


“Jason has dealt with my insurance needs on three separate occasions over the past year. I have found Jason to be a thorough, trustworthy, organised and professional broker. In particular, he goes the extra mile to ensure you have the right policy for your circumstances and, importantly, understands that clients do not always take the time and attention required to determine if the product they are investing in is actually what they want. I trust him to take the time to make this judgement on my behalf. I recommend Jason to my clients as my experience is that they will benefit from his advice and high quality service.”
Matthew Woodthorpe

RIBA, Matthew Woodthorpe Architects

“Jason has been my Insurance Broker for three years. He has always worked tirelessly to find the most suitable policy for my business. I have also introduced him to several of my clients – without exception they have all come back saying he is excellent, knows his market and works in the best interests of the client. I have no hesitation in recommending Jason to any business looking for insurance.”
John Leyden

CEO, Carbon Accountancy

“I have known Jason in both a personal and business context for over 20 years and his knowledge of both the Insurance industry and football are second to none! I have called upon Jason’s insurance expertise many times since I set up Aim Hire and he has impressed me every time. Jason has also put more than 20 years voluntary effort into ensuring APFSCIL (Associated Provincial Football Supporters Clubs in London) is still successful and going strong.”
Kevin McMahon

Director, Aim Hire Global Ltd

“I have worked with Jason for about ten years now, he has been very helpful, professional and his attention to detail is second to none. I would highly recommend him to take care of your insurance needs, he will not just meet your expectations but exceed them every time.”
Christina Casey

Orderly Telecoms

“Thank you for your highly efficient and cost effective management of my professional indemnity insurance set up. I want to particularly thank you for the speed at which you set this up for me. It can’t be that often that you get a call saying ‘Jason, I have to have some insurance that I don’t want for a public sector project I am pitching for, can you set it up by tomorrow’!
Thanks in the extreme for your management of the whole process, from the initial sensible advice you gave me over the telephone, to the smooth arrangement of the policy itself, including your patience in working through the documentation requirements with me – a nightmare in itself. I still can’t believe you did it so quickly and that it was so relatively painless. And, by the way, I got the contract, thanks in no small part to you as without that insurance in place I would have been disqualified from the pitch.”
Pam Vick

Caspia Consultancy

“I’ve always been a sceptic of business insurance yet I’m delighted Jason Cobine saved me 30%. And what’s more, I do actually feel very reassured, that I’ve bought the right thing, and that I’m covered for what I need to be covered for.”
Lisa Newton

Director, Boogles Ltd

“I met Jason at an NRG lunch and he was very helpful. He is a kind, straight forward, trustworthy person who will go out of his way to help you. A great asset to your network, and if you need anything within the insurance industry, he’s your man.”
Corinne Morris


“I’ve also been singing your praises to anyone I meet. If you’re after testimonials then I can only say that you’ve been available for absolutely any enquiry I’ve had on any matter of insurance, large or small and in any field. It’s nice to know there’s someone you can rely on to get the facts and figures and that you treat the individual startup as professionally as I imagine you to be working with much larger clients. There is no insurance requirement we wouldn’t go straight to Jason for. He is extremely reliable and does everything he says he will and always has time to discuss our requirements, no matter what they might be.”
Mark Slade

Witch Hat Tech LLP

“I consider Jason provides peace of mind as he knows his stuff. He is very professional and thorough. It was such a hassle free process for me this time.”
Grace Fredricks

MD, Hyona Cleaning Company, HyonaCleaning.net

“Jason helped me work out what insurance I didn’t need so I was able to safely dispense with policies that had no benefit for me.”
Tu-Linh Ngo

Director, Red Ketchup Limited