Corporate Responsibility


As a business that works virtually Cobine Carmelson Limited are dedicated to using best practice when it comes to the environment and the well-being of our staff. We take a serious approach to workplace commitments especially around inclusion and diversity, corporate citizenship, leadership training and mental health and well being. We regularly support charities through donations, pro bono work and volunteering. We support football in the local community and when international interns join the Cobine Carmelson team we encourage them to get involved with the local football team. It’s a great platform for fitness, camaraderie, team bonding, language skills and maintaining mental health.

We are immensely proud to have received the Silver Award for Excellence from CSRA and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our CSR policy and feel strongly that CSR doesn’t have to stop in the workplace.  Here is a little bit more about some of what we do.


Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the effect that has on the planet in the future. So we make sure that small changes in our routine, like always switching off power to office equipment and appliances at the end of each working day, turning down the thermostat using eco light bulbs, go towards making a bigger impact. We observe a recycling policy and all office equipment, batteries, printer cartridges, paper are recycled.

We cycle, within reason, and promote the Cycle to Work schemes that encourage the reduction of car journeys.

Before lock down we reduced the amount of travel by car for business meetings, letting the train take the strain, and sharing car journeys with each other to cut down the impact of single car users and exhaust fumes on the environment.

Allocating time to good causes

We like to share in our newsletter when we support charities because it helps to promote and encourage others to support that cause.  We have supported and mentored Martin Stamper – Coach for GB Taekwondo, since 2011 and have recently donated to Crystal Palace Diving Club (CPDC) to contribute towards mending cracks that had appeared in the pool.  CPDC is a nationally important diving program that have had 11 Olympic divers and two predicted for Tokyo on the team currently.

What challenging times we are experiencing, and without the NHS what would we have done! Cobine Carmelson proud to sponsor limited edition art prints by street artist Rachel List “We Love You NHS” delivered to NHS hospitals to thank them for the amazing jobs they have been doing and continue to do.  The four hospitals our team chose are Charing Cross (where it is shared with everyone on the ground floor), Hammersmith, St George’s Tooting and Basildon University Hospital purely because they are a smidgen closer to our hearts.

We recently produced and delivered a webinar to help attendees navigate the new way of working from home “It’s Not Working From Home”, with many hints and tips, procrastination busters, help with focussing, being kind to yourself and guidance for good mental health. This is free to view and based on years of experience and we are in the process of making it available to a wider audience to share on social media.


We are very proud to have supported an under-10 football team – Atletico Trotters, by kitting them out with new tracksuits.  The team have a fantastic philosopy which is to have fun in an inclusive environment where they feel they can express themselves playing football. They are a great team and we look forward to following their progression.

Social Justice

Respect is so important to us. We have zero tolerance to workplace bullying or anything that works against diversity and have procedures in place to deal with this.  Likewise we offer that respect to our clients and suppliers and expect the same in return.

Cobine Carmelson are dedicated to improving the mental wellbeing of our team who often handle stressful situations and, within our ranks, have a specifically trained Mental Health First Aider. Our position as adviser to people experiencing highly stressful times, especially when claims are being made, means we have to take this position seriously and will provide appropriate assistance to all those we come into contact with.

Cobine Carmelson serve voluntarily for British Insurance Brokers Association committees, with the aim of improving standards of service provided to all insurance buying customers, not just our customers, yet especially vulnerable customers. Along with the continuing need to promote diversity, the needs of vulnerable customers and mental health awareness have been key components of the 2021 BIBA manifesto.


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