Property Owner Insurance

Case Study

One of our long-standing clients, a property developer, had a problem with one of his tenanted flats.

A water leak from the flat above caused major damage to the bedroom ceiling of our client’s flat. 

There were several elements to this case, not least that the claim was being dealt with in the throes of the pandemic.  This factor not only caused delays to getting the work completed, but had an influence on the tenant of the flat who, understandably, had reservations about allowing people into the property to work on the damage during covid restrictions.   These elements also included the owner of the flat block, the trades who were repairing the damage, the tenant and let’s not forget the insurer. 

What Lisa did was to keep all those plates spinning.  She liaised with our client, at all stages keeping him informed and diarizing follow ups to check in on progress. She contacted his tenant to find a time when they would be comfortable with letting tradesmen in to repair the damage.  Because it was a messy, dusty job and the electricity was being cut off during the works, Lisa managed to get hotel accommodation covered for the tenant making the experience less of an ordeal for them and removing that cost for the client.

Lisa kept the case steadily moving forward to a successful completion. 

Our client was delighted, he knew he had someone on his side efficiently dealing with the insurer and taking care of him and his tenant every step of the process

“I have been a long-standing customer of Cobine Carmelson with multiple properties insured and have always been delighted with the support and advice I have received. It is easy to forget that the point of insurance is that you may need to make a claim. When I did make my first major claim this year, Jason and his team were – as expected – efficient, supportive and professional. They advised from the very beginning what the insurance would cover following a major roof leak into one of my properties. And then they handled the liaison with the insurer so that I had a clear flow of information. And I knew I had someone on my side dealing with a company (the insurer) that had a vested interest to minimise what they paid out! The work is now done, the payout made, and it could not have been a better experience.”

Andy Szebeni

Property Developer