Here’s some handy tips to combat workplace stress

Not all employers’ liability policies cover all types of stress claims because stress is not an illness or an injury.

Stress is a modern buzzword for allsorts and you probably have a very simple way of helping anybody in your organisation that might be suffering but you might not know about it. Part of health and safety relates to identifying and addressing stress and insurers know that the cost of looking after employees is significantly reduced if proactive assistance is provided. So they give you help lines, usually for free (some even have free phone lines).

All you need to do is create a plan to identify those that are at risk and enforce it, here’s a handy guide. Provide information and advice to employees, including the help lines, keep a record and plan to review your procedures at least annually. I’m happy to help guide you to the appropriate adviser.

TOP TIP: The help lines are confidential and numbers can be placed on notice boards, in company handbooks or handed to those with symptoms of stress, definitely in private.

See our top tips page for simple ways to help yourself today.