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Did you know insurance claims don’t always get paid when health and safety investigations are underway? There are four companies being prosecuted for H&S failures following the Buncefield fire of 2005. Have their claims for loss of profit and damage settled quickly and swiftly? Imagine the neighbouring businesses had assumed that they didn’t need to arrange their own cover because the site was “bound to have insurance”. A lot of people I’ve helped over the years originally thought they didn’t need insurance for that reason.

At the very least it will take ages for the case to be heard and a successful prosecution could lead to the insurance companies recovering their losses from the companies concerned. I expect that this case will be a watershed much as the Piper Alpha disaster of distant memory.

It is common for health & safety to be maligned yet the small concerns that businesses feel need little attention are often the areas that lead to bigger problems. Health & Safety is about having a robust system for identifying hazards and reducing their impact. If every business did that there would be no need for the “sledgehammer to crack a nut” approach that stifles common sense.

So ask yourself, is your business safe enough to work in? Is it safe enough for your child to work in? If you hesitate to say yes you may not have done all that is reasonable. And if you haven’t done what’s reasonable you’re probably not complying with legislation. And your insurance is dependent on that.

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