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We noticed this funny post on LinkedIn and it got us thinking about the complexity of the message they sent out. On the surface they were sharing a funny joke but dig a little deeper and it reveals a bit more about their cyber awareness.  Be careful what you publish! 


What Impression do you give others?

This blog relates to an insanely funny post on LinkedIn in which someone had taken a screenshot of their computer screen showing how the LinkedIn member had to do a double take when something popped up on their computer.

They were asking if people sometimes made an incorrect judgement of another individual, more on this below.  It was a reasonably funny conversation, yet I think we can all agree that our unconscious bias means that we do make rash judgements sometimes, unless we’re able to turn the bias off.


Are Insurers Biased?

Speaking of bias, nearly everyone I speak to is fully aware that insurance companies often use technicalities to avoid making payments.  While that is true, that doesn’t have to happen to you.

We’ve spent years helping people overcome the technicalities to make sure that they do get their claims paid.  However, as you’ll see from the image above, whilst the writer of the LinkedIn post shared the hilarious play on words, they also shared that they hadn’t bothered updating their computer system (see the blue dot).


Keep an Eye on the Detail

It may only have been me that spotted this, but it opens up a whole can of worms.  For example, I could never use a supplier who posted hilarious anecdotes before they had upgraded their computer.  I may be very very harsh, but it’s bad enough dealing with people who do upgrade their computers and still get caught out.

We are not widening our risk exposure by dealing with companies who don’t upgrade, are not aware that they should upgrade, ignore upgrades or don’t protect themselves with the right level of insurance.


The Challenge

The challenge that most people have is that they don’t really understand how cyber criminals work.  I keep trying to explain, yet they are very clever and continually issue new thefts.

What do I mean by new thefts? It’s new ways of stealing things.  Most of these attempts are quite random.  However, anyone with the blue dot on their screen, as in this photo, unduly expose themselves to random attacks.  They are probably not protecting themselves, or their clients, from attacks that can be foreseen and can be fended off very easily.



Never mind if  you have insurance or not it is a vital part of risk management to upgrade as soon as possible.  This will help you avoid zero day attacks which no-one can prevent.  No level of IT security can help.



Next time you are discussing IT security ask – “does this protect me from a zero day attack“.  The answer is probably no and you should be seriously concerned about any IT professional that thinks a zero day attack can be prevented without specialist tools and a huge amount of planning, considerable expense and a whole host of other technical issues that actually may not even work.


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