Consultants: Strategy Consultant Insurance

Case Study

We helped a strategy consultant in the oil and petrochemical industry with their insurance queries. The consultant was concerned that the contract conditions they had did not have the appropriate liability insurance, and that they may have to defend allegations of errors and omissions in their advice.

We made it our mission to search and present a wide range of options to the client,
and we made clear what the exclusions were. Our client then chose a policy that covered public liability and employers’ liability. Premiums were also discussed for other areas of concern and these will be revisited when contracts are won at a later date. Travel insurance was arranged to cover the directors, their families and the employees, as well as incidental leisure travel.

As a result, the client is now protected in the manner he wanted, with the reassurance that the insurance company understands their business and the extent of the liabilities they have.

We delivered the documentation by hand to ensure that travel assistant packs were in the possession of the executives that were due to travel.