Consultants: Pricing Consultant Insurance

Case Study

A consultant in Mayfair who specialises in advising large corporates on their pricing strategy was introduced to us by an accountant.

We were commissioned to assist with the interpretation of a draft contract with a company in the United States. This was interesting because US liability insurance definitions are different to the United Kingdom. Our advice allowed our client to renegotiate the terms of their liability with their US clients. Following on from this, we were asked to help them with their insurance requirements

Their insurance requirements included cover for their liabilities in the US. We arranged office insurance successfully without increasing the annual premium. The policy included cover for public liability, employers’ liability, and hiring alternative premises and office equipment.

Our insurance services included giving advice on health and safety legislation, key security requirements and the calculation of the costs of hiring alternative accommodation.

Through our insurance work, the client was reassured that they have the right cover for their growing business.

Cobine Carmelson knows how to choose the right policies for entrepreneurial ventures.