Consultants: IT Consultant Insurance

Case Study

Matt runs an IT support company. He wanted to ensure that he was covered if a client had a problem with their IT and thought it was down to him. He was concerned that the cost of defending himself would be beyond his means and didn’t want to have to pay compensation if he had made an innocent mistake. Some of his clients need their IT to work 24/7 and 365 so losses can mount up quickly. He also wanted to cover servers, as well as some other equipment he carried or had delivered when emergencies occurred.

The cover we arranged included professional indemnity, including legal defence costs following allegations of mistakes, payment of own (and sub-contractor) invoices following innocent mistakes when clients refuse to pay, compensation awarded to third parties or clients that actually suffer a loss, damage to office eequipment, laptops and client property and illness or injuries to employees and third parties.

We are pleased to be able to offer IT consultants a high level of service within the insurance industry in the UK.