Internet Service Insurance

Case Study

“Jason provided a detailed consultation, reassuring me we were getting the right cover. When we had an accident and needed to claim, he managed the process expertly and efficiently. Highly recommended.”

John Bingham

Owner, Spider Design Limited

John already had insurance yet he was concerned it didn’t cover the key risks.

He has an office and equipment taken to and fro with a high risk premises nearby. He also wanted to ensure he covered his legal costs if a client was dissatisfied with his work. Not that he thought they would be, yet he heard stories of Web Designers getting caught up in court cases when websites didn’t do what the client thought they would do, especially when product or brand launches were part of the contract.

He also had his staff to think about and the clients had insurance requirements too. He needed to check he was covered for issues relating to freelancers and sub-contractors.

When John had an unexpected claim just before Christmas, we ensured he had what he needed and kept him informed within agreed timescales.