Insurance for a Charity

Charity Insurance

Case Study

Our client is a registered charity.  To give more of an explanation, they are an urban community garden open to all and offering a safe green space for people to experience peace, belonging and learning in an inner-city environment surrounded by high rise buildings.


They contacted us when a section of their security railing was damaged by a third-party driver.  Although the damage was accidental, unfortunately it was significant and costly and needed fixing as soon as possible. The railings were fixed to prevent unauthorised access by other vehicles, to prevent the theft of their prized gardening equipment.


Our Claims Expert, Lisa works tirelessly on all our cases to get the very best outcome, and this was no exception.  Lisa, successfully pursued a claim from the insurance company of the driver who crashed into the railings, holding them liable for the damage.  The great news is that Lisa was successful, this meant that:


  1. Our client got their excess back of £200
  2. Their current insurer hasn’t increased their rates because they have recovered their losses*
  3. If they go to a new insurer it goes on their record that this claim was not their fault, with a full recovery, and they won’t therefore be penalised for it


Lisa makes this easy for the client, but this takes a lot of work behind the scenes plus regular calls to ensure the client is up to date.  The Insurer threatened to close the file at one point due to the insurers incompetence.  (If this had happened it would have been near impossible to get it re-opened). However, because Lisa kept all parties informed along the way and regularly checked progress the file remained open and the case came to a successful conclusion.


*Insurers don’t recover losses often themselves because, it seems, it is “easier” to charge an increased premium for a few years after such an incident. With the technology that exists, insurers should invest in a way to process “subrogation” from other insurers, to make it fairer for everyone.