Computer Insurance

Case Study

When our client suffered a break-in during covid AND over a bank holiday weekend when nobody was about, they needed to know that their insurance claim was not going to cause them an added headache.

This client was renting an office in a building of fully-serviced private office workspaces.  Prior to the break-in they had put safety measures in place, including taking our advice to upgrade a lock on one of their doors, which became an important point in this scenario. The criminals were relentless smashing doors of individual offices in the building and stealing equipment from our client alone worth £6,000.  If they hadn’t put that robust lock on to one of the doors there is no doubt that more equipment would have been stolen.  As soon as we were contacted about the event, we worked hard to minimize the business interruption to our client and our experienced Claims Manager, Lisa,  advised best steps to get them up and running again immediately whilst getting their claim process started. Having experienced staff means they know the best way to present and handle cases and because Lisa had asked our client to provide a detailed list of the stolen goods the case sailed through, there was no challenge to the claim because the insurer was presented with all the necessary information to hand.

Lots of businesses are struggling with work and money at the moment – getting this claim wrapped up at a time when it is difficult was so important to us.  We were there every step of the way, taking that pressure and frustration away from our client. The claim was settled in full, within 36 days, happy faces all round.