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We cover your AIR and ensure your insurance does what you want it to!

“Cobine Carmelson provide a personal, hassle free and efficient service – saving me time, energy and money.” David Strang, MD,Wicked Vision 

Every organisation has Assets, Income and a Reputation to protect. Not every business has had the chance to work out what the key risks to their AIR actually are. We are here to help businesses breathe when things go wrong and reassure stakeholders that insurance can do what they want it to.


Typically, the people we’ve been able to help told us they were not 100% certain claims they made would be paid or defended. Some were uncertain that cover was correct; others got the feeling that the service might not be what it should.


Certainty that it will work – how do we do that?


We give 1 hour of our time FREE. We do this because stakeholders we meet often value our passion for getting claims settled in their favour. Some appoint us as a result of the review – not that we’re saying everyone does – we know we’re not for everybody.

Assets, Income and Reputation can be protected in spite of unexpected issues thus solving problems now and preventing problems in the future.


Usually, a 5 minute conversation determines if anything we do will be of benefit to you.


We only have time to help a limited number of new clients, do you want to de-risk your organisation this month?

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