Here’s a brief explanation of how accidents can happen, the benefits of quality service and how reputations can be enhanced when bad luck turns up.

There seem to be a lot of people damaging windows in Bond Street these days. Not all of them are sinister. Here’s a true story about what can be done to prevent accidents turning into disasters.

A client had the misfortune of damaging the window of a jeweller on Bond Street whilst he was working there. The windows are supposed to be “bullet proof” yet it didn’t stop a sparky’s screwdriver — he was working inside when it happened.

This electrical contractor has a great reputation. Often working at high class restaurants and retail outlets in airports, they have always been careful to ensure they have adequate cover. And they insist we arrange insurance with companies that are willing to help as soon as a claim occurs.

This happened on a Sunday and a call reassured the jeweller that they had adequate insurance and they could order an immediate replacement window because the damage would be covered without admitting legal liability of course. They were able to do this because they understood the claim process and knew who to call to check they had the right cover. How many people can say that?

The new window was installed without delay yet we were asked to intervene when the cost of the glass (£18,000 from Germany) increased because the pound had weakened between the time the order was made and the settlement cheque delivered. We contacted the loss adjuster and they arranged for the increased settlement. And the insurance company benefitted from their willingness to see reason.

The end result was a win for everyone. The contractor had increased his credibility, the jeweller is certain they used the right contractor, the insurance company paid the claim and secured the client’s business for years to come. The insurance company also learned to settle claims promptly or suffer the consequences of currency fluctuations.

These are not the only challenges contractors face.

Top Tip

Always ensure you know your claim process. It’s extra prudent to try the claim reporting number and enquire about the claim process before you buy. And get your broker to check the insurance of anyone working on your premises — you don’t want to suffer a dent to your finances because they haven’t insured themselves properly.

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