Consultants: Telecommunications Consultant Insurance

Case Study

“I recently needed to put in place professional indemnity insurance for my business and contacted Jason expecting him to perhaps provide a couple of quick quotes for me to think about. This is based on my experience of other insurance brokers. What impressed me was the time he took to understand what my business was about, where the potential risks might be, and what was the resulting potential liability. He did this over several phone calls through probing although not pushy questioning and made me consider a number of new factors.
This built a strong level of confidence and trust in his ultimate recommendations which covered a range of prices and options. He then took the time to take me through the various small print items to ensure I understood the scope and limitations of each policy. For anyone looking to derisk their business I would recommend them having a conversation with him.”
Dave Millett

Owner, Equinox Business Consulting

A telecommunications expert was concerned that a client may not be satisfied with the service of the suppliers he had recommended. He was concerned that he might get dragged into a dispute through no fault of his own. He wanted to cover his legal defence costs as he wanted to protect his reputation and didn’t want to spend money on a defence when he could be spending it on growing the business. In the unlikely event the courts saw fit to award compensation to a disgruntled client he wanted to ensure he didn’t have to pay it out of company funds – or his own.

The main concern was getting a policy that was tailored and covered what he wanted. There are so many options out there and researching them himself would have taken him away from business development.

We arranged professional indemnity including legal defence costs following allegations of mistakes, payment of own invoices following innocent mistakes and clients refusing to pay and compensation awarded to third parties that suffer a financial loss.