Software Insurance

Case Study

“I have worked with Jason for about ten years now, he has been very helpful, professional and his attention to detail is second to none. I would highly recommend him to take care of your insurance needs, he will not just meet your expectations but exceed them every time.”
Christina Casey

Orderly Telecoms

Christina contacted me because it’s unclear what types of insurance are required for companies operating on the internet, when you look on the internet. The irony was not lost on Christina.

For a company that has had Nationwide coverage on Dragon’s Den, reputation is vital to the growth of the business and maintenance of market share. Orderly’s concern was that competitors or the disgruntled could make them look bad with spurious allegations. There were plenty of competitors who found Orderly’s disruption of their market share to be a pain and allegations were made to try and prevent them from progressing at the speed they were picking up.

They wanted to ensure their business was protected from the legal action necessary to see off fake claims yet also pay up if they did make a mistake. Christina at Orderly was very pleased that we found the solutions that suited their business as it grew to 1 million downloads of their application.