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Smashing lady is actually a criminal

Geoff calls me to ask if I can help him with protection for a large amount of jewellery he has just bought his wife and we always help our business insurance customers when they need help with their personal asset protection. While working out the particulars Geoff...

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Health and Safety can make you feel ill

This month is about the perils of consultants who, errr, don't consult, why anyone offering insurance as an "add-on" should be carefully checked, and the scale of the trail of damage they can create. Welcome back, or if you're new here sign up to our RSS feed to...

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Insurance agent or double agent?

A few of our property owning clients seemed confused when I advised them that we handle all their claims personally. Their previous suppliers had been settling claims on behalf of the insurance company. This article highlights how not all insurance suppliers are the...

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