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Professional Indemnity Insurance – Discover how to avoid losses

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Professional advisers are not always protected by their insurance


Want to know why some indemnity insurance claims are declined? I have two examples of claims being declined, one more extreme than the other, yet both prove small errors can prove costly. And I’m going to tell you why they were declined and how to avoid it happening.

The first is the most recent, only a few months ago an insurance company refused to cover a claim for a company that was being sued for £47,000. The claim related to an incident that occurred in July 2005 when they had translated a document (allegedly incorrectly) yet it would have been covered if the insurance company had been made aware of it earlier. Read the rest of this entry

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Discover how your business network can help your clients

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Your network can help you keep clients as well as find new ones

Here’s a simple way to add value to your product or service.

From time to time your clients will reach the limit of your product or service. With a good sales and marketing process you will have already set the parameters of where those lines are drawn. However, you can add value if you have worked out who can help your clients where you can’t. Read on for examples. Read the rest of this entry

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