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Business Insurance has a hidden weakness – does your policy protect you properly?

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Insurance claim departments are taking a hard nosed approach – make sure you’re covered


I recently heard about three businesses who have been robbed of £250,000 assets and their company insurance is not paying out. Today, I heard about another case of a business getting caught out and insurers used terrible judgement to decline the insurance claim.  I am trying to use the information superhighway to show you how to ensure this doesn’t happen to you or people you know that run businesses.

The scene of the crime

Criminals have been climbing into manholes and cutting telephone lines at targeted premises. This triggers the alarm and Police and a member of staff attend the premises. There’s absolutely no evidence of a break-in so the Police and staff withdraw. After everyone has left the premises are then broken into yet the alarm doesn’t sound because the lines have already been Read the rest of this entry

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