Cyber Risks

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The internet symbolises today’s modern business world. It is not a tangible entity, but invades our everyday lives in a very real sense. We cannot avoid it. So much of contemporary commerce is based around the world wide web, in fact early last year, the BBC declared that the, “UK is the most internet-based major economy.” 

Globally, the internet based economy was estimated to be worth £121 billion (predicted to exceed £221 billion by 2016), or more than £2,000 per person. It increases daily and recent events in the UK have proved that the growth of the internet is damaging the offline retail market.

So what does this mean for your business? Opportunity. Opportunity brings exposure as you and your team delve into new unexplored markets via those unique, dynamic and rich interconnections that define the internet.

This exposure can take several forms that are detailed in this report on Cyber Risks.

Along with recognising your possible exposures to internet risk (detailed below), this 8 point guide will help you identify risks that can be reduced.


  • Damage to computers, data or network due to a virus, hacking or service provider issues
  • Loss of revenue (especially e-commerce or advertising revenue) as a result of a virus or cyber attack
  • Electronic theft by hackers, contractors or (regrettably) employees
  • A distributed denial of service attack (DDOS = a saturation of communications disrupting meaningful online requests)
  • Liability to a third party due to libel (contained in email, website, blog, tweet), or due to a virus unknowingly transmitted by you.


Typically, some or more of these risks resonate with the majority of our clients, so they may be relevant to you. We have extensive experience in managing the pitfalls and hazards with efficient and appropriate protection strategies.

If you think our risk reduction services could help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking below or calling 020 7371 2812 to discuss because well managed risks increase opportunity to profit.