Marketing Consultant

Pam Vick, Caspia Consultancy “Thank you for your highly efficient and cost effective management of my professional indemnity insurance set up. I want to particularly thank you for the speed at which you set this up for me. It can’t be that often that you get a call saying “Jason, I have to have some insurance that I don’t want for a public sector project that I am pitching for, can you set it up by tomorrow!”

Thanks in the extreme for your management of the whole process, from the initial sensible advice you gave me over the telephone, to the smooth arrangement of the policy itself, including your patience in working through the documentation requirements with me – a nightmare in itself. I still can’t believe you did it so quickly and that it was so relatively painless. And, by the way, I got the contract, thanks in no small part to you as without the insurance in place I would have been disqualified form the pitch.”

Pam Vick, Managing Director, Caspia Consultancy

Pam is a Marketing Consultant and a public sector project had an insurance requirement on the tender document. Pam wanted to make sure she got cover quickly yet it had to protect the business if the client ended up unhappy with the results. Not that Pam makes mistakes, her track record is impeccable. Yet the contract requirement is the price of diong business with large organisations.

Nevertheless, Pam needed a policy that worked for her when applying and undertaking the contract. We knew exactly where to go to get a quick turnaround and Pam got the contract. A great result for Pam, us and the Public Sector!

The coverage arranged included professional indemnity, including legal defence costs following allegations of mistakes, payment of own and sub-contractors invoices following innocent mistakes and clients refusing to pay, compensation awarded to third parties that suffer a financial loss, contract disputes and legal expenses.