GDPR A Practical Workshop

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Event Details

This session is designed as a practical workshop which will give you the tool set to begin getting compliant for the 25th of May when the regulations come into force.
The session will cover:

Jason Cobine: How can you avoid costs relating to:

  • Investigating a breach and notifying the regulator on time
    • Defending allegations that client or other data or financial losses were your fault
    • Loss of income or penalties following a breach or Cloud provider failure
    • Telling people affected by a data breach and managing their questions
    • Coping with an interruption to business caused by accidents or criminal activity
    • Defending (like Morrisons) actions by people that “club together” to allege their privacy was breached
    • Protecting the business if employees go rogue with data, secrets or digital assets
    • Getting back up and running ASAP after a breach (if you have a backup)
    • Legal Defence costs for Directors accused of breaching data regs or making GDPR mistakes

Richard Mullett: The Legal Partners.
• Legislative changes
• What is personal data
• How to identify personal data .
• How to use your data map
• Recording your data processing activities
• What to do next to get to compliance by 25 May
• Tactics of dealing with subject access requests.

Malcolm Ford: IT Enterprise Business Solutions:
• Group session on producing a data map. (What data do we have and where the hell is it)
• Privacy Impact Assessment: If (when) there is a breach what are the consequences and what do we do?

There will be a nominal fee of £10 which will put towards the venue. Materials will be provided.


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